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Due to the demands of life in today's time, we {women} are often left feeling drained, stretched, and pulled too thin. LaVidaBaby was born as a way to walk alongside other women searching for the same in life. Join in the conversation and the movement changing the way we live life!

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It's All In the Face: Childbirth

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  Want to know what I see in my face some 15 1/2 years ago... I see a new mom who hasn't had food or drink in over 48 hrs. A new mom who labored for 24 hrs, throwing up and dry heaving most of that time, confined to her...
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What's Up With My Adrenals?

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You may have heard by now – apparently, our adrenals are shot! At least for a small majority of us. When I first heard about Adrenal Fatigue, I literally let it go in one ear and out the other. I just didn’t need to know about one-more-thing plaguing our generation!...
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Looking For Health In All The Right Places

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So, what am I doing today? Well, I am glad you asked! Because I participated in Dr. Aviva Romm’s 28-Day Gut Health Challenge last fall AND because I bought her new book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, she sent me a cookbook! The Replenish Kitchen Cookbook! So, back to what I...
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It's Time To Move On: Stillbirth

It’s been weeks and she still talks about him, she still speaks his name. It’s time to move on… Delivering a stillborn baby leaves a lasting effect on a Mom, Dad and the entire Family. Their “normal” will never be again. They are changed. They can move forward but they...
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Folic Acid: Friend or Foe?

Folic Acid: Friend or Foe?
We all know that folic acid is an essential vitamin for expecting Mamas in order to grow healthy babies! It is so critical that much of our foods are fortified or ''enriched" with folic acid. Just check the labels of your breads, rice, pasta... you'll most likely find folic acid. ...
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