Einkorn Pita Bread
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The Texas Two-Step

After years of “dieting” I gave up. I still didn’t like the way I looked, or felt, but I was tired of the cycle – diet, give up, gain back more than you lost … rinse and repeat!

Einkorn Pita Bread
Einkorn Pita Bread

Last year was a year of change for me though. I was determined to find healthy foods that I enjoyed and then to substitute them one-by-one for my standard fare. And I can truly say that I successfully morphed from a former Chef Boyardee mom into a real foodie!

Einkorn Strawberry Cupcakes
Einkorn Strawberry Cupcakes

Changing what we eat is hard though. We all have our childhood favorites that bring us to a place of warmth and comfort – for me, right back into my Mamu’s kitchen!

I began by taking a few of my favorite recipes and turning them into something healthy – that honored my favorite dish but was truly wholesome and nourishing! And even though I eventually came to love these foods and include them in our meal rotation, it took time – it was a process.


You start off with your stubborn self, refusing to try a faux-version of your favorite dish.

But, your quest for health wins out and you prepare the new stand-in.

You eat it. You like it, but it just does not replace your old favorite.

So, the next time rolls around and you throw your hands in the air and make this dish the old way, the familiar way, the warm and fuzzy way. And you eat it. And you realize it’s good, but not as great as your mind had built it up to be.

So, the next time rolls around and you stick to your guns and make it the new way. And you like it! It’s tasty! And you can appreciate the blended nostalgia of your old-time favorite and the new nourishing version you have just created. And you LOVE it!

And the next thing you know, you forget about your old dish and you work your new dish into your meal rotation just as though it had been there all along.

Einkorn Veggie Pizza


You have just won the battle!

Now let’s “rinse and repeat”. How many dishes can you put your newfound spin on and turn into healthy, tasty, nourishing meals?

The first step is to introduce new foods or ways of preparing your foods.

The second (and final) step is to stick with it.

Organic Produce
Organic Produce

That’s it. It’s just a two-step process!

This Texas girl just learned to Two-Step! And I want to share some of my favorite new recipes with you!

So, what favorite comfort food dishes would you like to see reinvented to reflect your new wholesome food choices??

Check back, and I’ll keep adding to the recipe collection on my blog!

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