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The key to online marketing is solid foundations before you even start marketing.

Okay, coffee in hand…let’s face a very easy, definable truth: all business breaks down to visibility…and “positive” visibility leads to profit (in a perfect world). I won’t hit on marketing today…nope…not even a hint, because we have to go over some ideas and concepts that seem too simple to be true…but:

:::taking a sip of coffee:::

It really is as simple as it is difficult to understand.

You got lucky though, I’ll help you get rolling in just a few blog posts.

Before we get into the “skinny” of internet marketing…let’s define a few particulars:

  • First, even brick-and-mortar stores fall into the online model. There isn’t a business out there not affected by the internet, even if their participation is passive. Online marketing affects “ALL” business, whether they acknowledge it or not.
  • Second, you have to understand users. This means looking at the #1 area to shoot for in your market…what browsers and devices are they using. Notice, I did not mention your product. Your product is meaningless unless you can get it in front of your desired users.
Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing…SERPs…

The First observation is relevant because, well, even Uncle Bob’s RV Wonderland can be subject to a bad rating on Yelp. Whether or not the internet is, “Silly, and no one goes there anyways,” says Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is probably a great RV guy…but his internet savvy and search engine prowess leave a lot to be desired.

The Second observation is the real dilemma…it doesn’t matter: what you are selling, what your product is, how cool “it” is, how fast you can deliver “it,” or if it even matters…if google doesn’t think so…

Yes, google is going to be the holy grailgoogle is king…and unless you are selling super niche items, to users on Ubuntu (linux)…or some other small niche group…you will focus all your attention on three items (even before you think about your actual product): search engine use (77.43% google), browser use (44.5% chrome), and device use (51.3% mobile). I would argue these numbers are much higher as the data is a year old in most cases…

So what does this mean…it’s quite simple…we’ll focus on the USA. If I am selling a product, have a store, restaurant, service…if it is in America, I am doing three things with my website first thing:

  1. I will do everything in my power to build a site the google algorithm loves…google is king…for the undetermined future, google is the only thing you will care about…no other search engines matter, and I doubt anyone will ever catch up…not in our lifetimes (
  2. Browser use is a main focus for the design of my website: chrome, chrome, chrome…safari exists to serve apple products and to help those users install chrome…the same can be said for microsoft edge…and yes, even firefox…look at this logically. Google is invested in chrome, because chrome means data…data is money…you have to understand your user…they want: simple, free, integrated…they don’t want to think, or lose time thinking, and lastly they want the security google can offer for free (
  3. Devices will be the key to your success. Focus on mobile phones. This is sooooo important…beyond anything you will understand at this point. Your website has to be mobile friendly (

With these three items in place…okay I’m ready to sell…wait are you? Nope.

The needs for your business to be ready for the internet, will be built in tiers…now we start to get into wording and social media. Whether you like it or not…Uncle Bobsocial media and hip-terms are here for good

  1. You need a catchy url: (as an example)
  2. You need to have at least the following social media pages: facebook, twitter, google+ (yes I know, we think it’s dead…but google doesn’t), instagram, pinterest, youtube…etc.
  3. The same url for website and social media (so you are easy to find…think about the whims of people…searching is a flippant exercise for most users…this ensures you are found with ease on many platforms):,, (you get the picture).

Okay…we have our website, we have our social media…the website is responsive (mobile ready)…we even have a logo and dropped money on a groovy online store…why haven’t we sold anything?

  • Stay tuned to my next blog post…

:::getting coffee brewing for the next blog post:::

Internet marketing is only as powerful as the foundation you have laid above…everything I spoke about today: has to be in place. 

I’m looking forward to walking you through a successful business model!

Michael @ OkayNext.

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