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A Great Tool For Nutrient Tracking!

Have you heard of Cronometer? I came across it several months ago, took a quick look at it, and moved on with life. Until now… Now, I am enrolled in my final courses to complete my degree in Maternal and Child Health. One of my courses in nutrition required we choose an app to track our nutrient intake. The requirement was for the app to be able to generate a report differentiating between micro- and macronutrients. I did a quick google search for options, and Cronometer was one of the first options listed! I decided to give it a shot and now I am almost 10 days in to tracking my daily exercise and food intake and couldn’t be more pleased with it!

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data with

Honestly, I stopped tracking my food intake nearly 10 years ago when “diet” after “diet” failed me and I just gave up and decided to eat real foods and not worry about the rest. Back then, I remember it being soooooo hard to try to keep my calories under 2000 a day. I was consuming “diet” foods, bland foods, “frankenfoods”… and failing at my attempts to drop the baby weight (plus a few extra pounds I had picked up along the way)!

Fast forward to this week, I had to turn in a report on my nutrient intake throughout the week and much to my surprise, my calorie intake was well below the 2000 daily calories recommended by the FDA! My average for the week was around 1800 calories a day. I wasn’t dieting. I wasn’t eating “diet” foods, or bland foods, or “frankenfoods”. I eat real foods as close to the way God created them as possible. What a great feeling to know how well I was doing in the calorie department without even trying to do well in the calorie department!!

As nice and unexpected as that revelation was, it wasn’t even my favorite discovery using Cronometer! I love the colorful graphic display of all my nutrient intake. I was able to easily see that I need to work-in more calcium-rich foods and more iron-rich foods. I was also able to see that I do a great job getting in my daily Vitamin B12 requirements! Cronometer even offers food suggestions to help you fill in your specific nutritional gaps.

One important aspect of nutrition that we may not hear much about is not only being sure to consume enough nutrients, but to consume the proper ratio of nutrients. And Cronometer has that covered as well. They display these nifty nutrient ratio gauges so that you can see with just a quick glance which nutrients you may need to balance out better.

For those who are familiar with my weightloss and wellness philosophy, you know thatI tend to focus not on what you should not eat, but instead on what you should eat. When we provide our bodies with the nutrients we need for health and wellness the foods we should limit often work themselves out of our diets! Our bodies know what we need and what we really want and by providing them with functional nutrients we will begin to crave those life-giving foods and lose our taste for those that aren’t benefiting us at all. So, with every meal don’t tell yourself “no” to anything. Just say “yes” to some good nutrient-dense foods and see how you feel.

With eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods, my body does not want anything less. And now, I feel good when I eat well and I feel like junk when I eat junk. I was mentioning this to a friend of mine recently and she said something that really resonated with me. She said she wished she was eating well enough to feel bad when she ate bad (Love ya, J!). And I knew exactly what she was talking about. I remember those days well. And all I could think about was that everyone deserves to feel good every single day.

That’s why I do what I do. My focus is on women and children’s health, so of course helping women to feel good is very near and dear to my heart – but, really, much of what I cover applies to everyone. We eat real foods and we feel good. We eat junk foods and we feel like junk. And sometimes, we know no different. Sometimes we don’t even realize we felt like junk for so long until we are on the real food kick and we feel well; every single day.

My nutrient tracking assignment was only for five days. I am past day ten now and I think I’ll keep going! I have really enjoyed seeing my nutrient profile and using that opportunity to learn which foods are high in specific nutrients. As a life-long learner, I appreciate knowing which foods are giving me life, literally, and which foods fall short!

Cronometer may be a great tool for you to use in your quest for health and wellness and even weightloss. Give it a try And let me know what you think of it!

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data

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