Painful or Heavy Periods Ruining All The Fun?

There is help for Dysmenorrhea!

*I have recently updated this blog post with a PubMed Abstract detailing the role of Zinc in eliminating painful periods! Scroll down for the link…

A friend called me the other day after receiving a text from a friend of hers. This friend of hers was asking for help dealing with dysmenorrhea, or painful, heavy periods. This is such a common issue for women today and I have had some experience within our family in dealing with it. So, I shared with her what I have learned along the way and I am here to share with you too what we have found to be helpful.

Like much of life, there really is no cut-and-dry answer or quick-fix. But, there are just a few easy adjustments you can make that will likely bring you great relief.

First of all, conventional gluten seems to exasperate the problem. And when I say “conventional” gluten, I am referring to any bread products you will eat out at most restaurants and much of the bread products you will buy at the grocery story. There are exceptions of course, but unless you are eating in the “foodie” way, you are likely eating conventional gluten.

Now, I’m not going to go in-depth right now as to why conventional gluten causes our bodies such issues but I will say that, since Jesus Himself ate gluten (bread), I believe it’s likely what man has done to gluten that leaves it wreaking havoc in our bodies; namely hybridization and chemical residues.

For many women, simply avoiding conventional gluten settles the menses and relaxes their cramps. It will likely take a few months before the full benefits are evident but it can truly be worth the effort.

Also, women suffering dysmenorrhea, can find relief with magnesium and zinc supplementation. Supplementing won’t address the root cause as to why they are deficient in these nutrients but it will give them a jump start to feeling better each month.

Some of the herbs I have found to aid in diminishing the symptoms of painful and heavy periods are listed below:

Nettle is a “weed” many have confronted while running through a meadow or playing in an unruly lawn and leaves it’s mark with stinging at the site of contact. Despite its contrary initial impression, Nettle has strong medicinal properties. In relation to this topic, Nettles nourish our bodies with a healthy dose of magnesium!

Red Raspberry Leaf is a popular tea enjoyed by many a pregnant woman. It is literally the leaf off a red raspberry bush; but don’t let its unassuming existence lessen its healthful contribution to our bodies. Red Raspberry Leaf has been used for generations to boost fertility, hasten labor and delivery, and strengthen the uterus. All of these properties enable Red Raspberry Leaf to relieve cramping in those suffering from dysmenorrhea.

Cramp Bark (with such a befitting name) works as an antispasmotic – which literally means “relieve spasms” -, a relaxant, and promotes healthy menstruation. It also settles the uterus and abdominal cramps.

I have used herbal remedies for quite some time and am comfortable choosing specific herbs for specific ailments. But, sometimes it’s hard to pull together the right combination of herbs to bring the most efficient relief. I have recently turned to sourcing good quality herbal tinctures and extracts so that I can have a varied “medicine chest” of relief on hand.

Earthley is a brand I have literally watched grow from a dream into a reputable source of health and wellness over the past several years. Within our family, we have tried many Earthley products and I am confident in their quality and happy to recommend their products to those in my circle! In fact, when I was on the phone with my friend, offering what I’ve learned along the way that might benefit her friend, Earthely’s Ease the Ache {Women’s Cramp Formula}, along with cutting out conventional gluten, is exactly what I recommended. This combination is what we have found to work in our family and I’m confident it will work for you and the ladies in your family too! Give it a try LINK HERE and let me know how well it works for you!

PubMed Abstract: Zinc Treatment Prevents Dysmenorrhea

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