Don’t Focus On What You Shouldn’t Eat…

You shouldn’t eat that… you should eat that… should you eat that?

I’m sure you’ve seen it. I’m sure you’ve heard it. Every time we log on to social media, or turn on the television, or simply chatting with a friend we are bombarded with various and conflicting dietary recommendations.

From gluten to GMO to organics, there is so much conflicting information out there!

(So much mom-shaming…)

And once you add in “Keto”, “Paleo”, “Gluten-Free”, “Vegetarian”, “Vegan”, “Whole30”… food can become a point of contention rather than the source of comfort and nutrition as it was for us growing up.

You throw in some real food allergies and you really want to just throw your hands up in the air and check out of this conversation!

There are plenty of other trains of thought that run rampant through the food discussions… are we all human and therefore designed to eat the same foods? Or are we all genetically and culturally different enough to have specific food requirements?

How do you process all the opinions and “expert-advice” coming at you regarding how you should eat and feed your family? I mean we all want the same thing here. We all want our families healthy and well and to live long lovely lives. Right?

I am of the mindset that we are all made uniquely with varied cultural and genetic makeups that mean we all may benefit from different ways of eating. I also tend to lean towards the knowledge gained from studying ancient (and current) cultures who enjoy vibrant health and longevity. Weston A. Price conducted such explorations into ancient cultures and I tend to follow a lot of the principles he gleaned from his extensive research. You can learn more about Weston A Price here. The Blue Zones, by Dan Buettner, is a great collaboration of traditional eating that has led to health and longevity in modern-day cultures. They both focus on traditional ways of eating and living life; which really just brings us back to our roots.


I also look at the Bible for insight. What did Jesus Himself eat? What foods are supported by the scriptures, what foods are forbidden?

If you take gluten, for instance, Jesus ate bread. He provided bread for his people. Would His provisions be toxic or detrimental to the health of the very people He was feeding? I don’t believe so. So, what has changed? Why was gluten a life-giving food way back then but so toxic to us today? Well, man has changed gluten. Through hybridization and chemical spraying, the gluten we experience today is very different from the gluten of Biblical times.

Wheat is a very nutrient-rich food… when properly sourced! That’s why I have switched to only eating Einkorn wheat. I’ll write up a longer blog post on the healthful properties of Einkron soon! But, the quick version is that Einkorn is an ancient grain and the closest form of wheat we have today to the wheat of the days of Jesus. It has a weak gluten and a high enzyme content which makes it easily digested in the body. And when it is traditionally prepared as sourdough bread, it is basically pre-digested through the fermentation process, and even easier on the body. This is why many people who have to remain strictly gluten-free at home can travel to Europe and eat bread without any health consequences.

So, we eat gluten. We just are very picky about what gluten we eat. Just like with all of our foods. We enjoy food – we just source it well!

Lets talk organics. Are organic foods just the current trend? Why should I spend more money to buy into a trend? Well, the way I see it, organics are just a return to traditional eating. We are spending more money to eat foods that are non-GMO and void of toxic chemical spraying. I spend the extra money. It sure takes a chunk out of our budget but I have the comfort in knowing my family is eating foods that don’t poison them with chemical residues.

And as far as all the different ways of eating… Keto, Vegan, Paleo, etc… I say listen to your body. How do you feel when you eat beef? How do you feel when you don’t eat enough protein? Paying attention to how you feel when you eat what you eat will give you way more information about what works best for you than I, or anyone else, ever could!


And finally, eat the rainbow!!! Don’t focus on what you shouldn’t eat… focus on what you should eat! You should eat a rainbow of colors each day. If you have to douse your broccoli in ranch dressing to enjoy it… who cares! You just ingested a boatload of nutrients with cancer fighting properties, heart-healthy vitamins, and life-giving micronutrients!! Celebrate that!

*Now I would choose a homemade ranch dressing with clean ingredients… but… babysteps! And who knows… I may post my recipe soon!


If you only like your oatmeal loaded with butter and cream and sugar… lets do it well! Organic oats with grass-fed butter, pure maple syrup, ground cinnamon and topped with some fresh cream.. oh my! You’ve just enjoyed a delicious breakfast chocked full of life-giving nutrients, tummy filling protein, and palate-please sweet yumminess! Celebrate that!

**Don’t focus on what you shouldn’t eat… focus on what you should eat!

You should eat foods that make you feel energized and good! You should eat foods that invest in your health and wellness and longevity. You should eat foods that taste good! There’s really no need to worry about all those different styles of eating; unless you have a medical issue requiring you to do so. Just eat real foods, as close to the way God created them as possible. Read labels. If you wouldn’t have an ingredient in your pantry, you shouldn’t buy it on a package of anything.

I just read an article that eating less than 1 mushroom a day can lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 67%     ! That’s huge, y’all! If you consider every other food out there that God created, what are their stories? What can they do to invest in your wellness and your prevention of scary diseases? Let’s give those foods a chance too! The way I see it, if God provided it for us, it gives Life and that’s good enough for me!

Now, go eat something colorful! And let me know if you try something new!!

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  1. Ilyse 1 year ago

    Fantastic read! I will certainly be following and sharing your thoughts and insight!

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