Sometimes that’s all you need.


Sometimes that’s all you can muster.

Life has a way of catching up with us.

Especially when we stop tending to ourselves in the hustle of taking care of them.

Their bouncing curls and tiny toes. We pour into them. And their giggles make every moment worth it.

But, we can’t pour from an empty cup.


Sometimes we get lost.

We’ve answered our calling. We’re in our mission field. We share the Gospel over dirty dishes and a laundry pile.


To martyr ourselves in the process of raising them robs not only us, but them in the long run.

We measure our worth against the values of the world and will always fall short.

We’ve lost the village that stands in the gap. None of us can be everything to all of them.

We set others aside because we can push through this. We are strong. But, we have it all wrong.

God sent her, and her, and her to walk this journey with you. To pour into your little ones; and you into theirs.


We don’t have to do it alone. We can walk this journey together. We can build a tribe of life-living, love-giving, soul-searching women. We can lift each other.

Journey on. Just…breathe. Reach out to us. To someone. Rally your tribe.  And Just…breathe; together.



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