Seasick No More: Time to Set Sail!

Seasick No More: Time to Set Sail!

The thought of boarding a cruise ship, pushing out to sea, and being stuck on that “boat” for days had never appealed to me. Ever since I can remember, I have gotten car sick. And air sick. And I knew being on the sea, rocking back and forth, for endless days would just be way too much for my stomach to handle! So, I had never been on a cruise.

But, I wanted to go on a cruise so badly!

The idea of setting sail to some wondrous tropical destination always appealed to me! I had heard so many friends talk of the wonderful food, fresh seafood, beautiful desserts, sprawling buffets… And the breeze on the top deck, the sound of the waves crashing in the quiet mornings, sitting on the veranda and seeing nothing but blue water as far out as your eye could see. The fun excursions you could plan at your ports of call… or enjoying a quiet ship while everyone else was out exploring! It really all sounded so wonderful!

But, I just knew I would get sea sick and be miserable the entire time!

We had been wanting to plan a fun family vacation and a Disney Cruise kept coming to mind. And I kept pushing it aside. But, guess what… that is exactly what we decided on!  A cruise!!!

So, I did what I do best. I started researching! I researched natural remedies for my sea-sick self to be able to enjoy this cruise with my family.

I came across some homeopathic options, but what really caught my attention was this wrist band you could wear that promised to ward-off all varieties of motion sickness! So, I did what I also do best… I stocked up on SeaBands and the homeopathics (I never did use these)!

Taking no chances, I also doubled up on the SeaBands! Instead of just wearing one, I wore one on each wrist!

We departed out of Cape Canaveral, FL and I had been advised that the first night was the roughest as the ship pushed through the Gulf Stream. I remember sitting at dinner amazed that my dishes didn’t slide off the table due to the angle the ship was at! The same at the after-dinner show. The stage curtains were hanging at a very definite angle! I knew we were in rough waters.

I kept waiting…

I would feel a twinge of butterflies in my tummy and I just knew the motion sickness was about to kick in… anytime now…

But, guess what! It never did! I never once felt sick at sea! It was truly amazing to be able to enjoy my entire cruise without the threat of feeling nauseous!

Now, I NEVER took my SeaBand off – for the entire cruise! The rest of the family took theirs off the second day. Mine stayed put! I was NOT taking any chances! I bathed in mine, swam in mine, slept in mine, dined in mine. They stayed put!

And I enjoyed my entire cruise! This is truly an amazing outcome! For someone who has to ride up front in the car, can’t check her phone, or read, or sleep, or do anything other than stare at the road… this was an amazing experience!

The SeaBands wrist band utilizes acupressure to place pressure on the Nei-Kuan point on your wrist which naturally works to reduce or eliminate nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. Simply place SeaBands on your wrist, as directed on the package, and enjoy your trip!

This is NOT a sponsored post! The creators of SeaBands have no clue I even exist. I just love this product so much and owe them a huge shout-out for making an enjoyable cruise even an option for me!

What about you? Does motion sickness prevent you from enjoying life? Have you tried SeaBands? I’m curious if they work so well for everyone?

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