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Due to the demands of life in today's time, we {women} are often left feeling drained, stretched, and pulled too thin. LaVidaBaby was born as a way to walk alongside other women searching for the same in life. Join in the conversation and the movement changing the way we live life!

Kickin' That Soda Habit

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I LOVE a good ice-cold soda! I do, I won't lie! And before I kicked that soda habbit, I couldn't enjoy just one... I would drink two to three sodas a day; most every single day! But, since I kicked that soda habbit, I can enjoy one here and there without having to have more. In fact, I rarely even finish the one soda.  After many tries - and fails - I finally found the secret to saying goodbye to the grip soda had one me. I realized I needed to replace the habbit instead of just trying to break it.  So, how did I do that? Well, I knew that one of the qualities I loved about soda was it's crisp pallet-cleansing appeal. What else could deliver those qualities that I knew I wouldn't get "addicted" to? I began replacing my soda with half juice and half seltzer water. The first couple of times my face showed off it's disdain for this new drink. But, a couple of days in I realized I really liked my new fizzy drink! It still delivered that fresh clean punch but I knew it was healhier than a true soda. And I began to really enjoy it! After a few months I dropped the juice and began adding fresh cut fruit to my seltzer water - and I really enjoyed that too! Then, it dawned on me... and I don't even remember when it happened... but, at some point I had stopped buying...
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