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Due to the demands of life in today's time, we {women} are often left feeling drained, stretched, and pulled too thin. LaVidaBaby was born as a way to walk alongside other women searching for the same in life. Join in the conversation and the movement changing the way we live life!

It's All In the Face: Childbirth


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Want to know what I see in my face some 15 1/2 years ago...

I see a new mom who hasn't had food or drink in over 48 hrs.

A new mom who labored for 24 hrs, throwing up and dry heaving most of that time, confined to her bed by various wires.

A new mom who had multiple reactions to labor meds which sent my heart rate skyrocketing, then plummeting, then skyrocketing, then to plummet again. I see a new mom who, after 4 hrs of pushing, was rushed off for an emergency cesarean section.

I see tired. I see plum worn out. I see peace. And I see love.

I see a new mom, who had really wanted to birth with a midwife but chickened out b/c it was outside of the "norm". And I see a mom who fell under the weight of the cascade of interventions of modern childbirth.

I see a woman being built and chiseled and strengthened who would one day advocate for other women and encourage them to birth the way they want to.


I see a woman who went on to advocate for herself and later delivered her 3rd baby on her terms - naturally - no meds - no hospital bed (until SHE was ready) - no surgery - enabled - strengthened - and surrounded by people who believed in her.

Blessings to all the Birth Workers out there who are dedicated to encouraging women, healing old wounds, believing in birth, and creating a new norm.

Resources that have blessed me along the way: (I'll likely add to this list as I think of more :)

Birth Without Fear

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Aviva Romm MD

Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent

Modern Alternative Mamas

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)

What resources have helped you to either prepare to birth your way, or to heal from a birth that didn't go as planned?







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